It is natural for a roof to have damages and issues, as not all things are created to last. In fact, this is why there are many professional companies that provide professional services like roofing Chula Vista because they understand that damages, repair, and even replacement can sometimes be necessary for homeowners.

While it is understandable to see damages on roofs that have been standing for several years now, this is not something common for roofs that are newly installed. But yes, this does happen. A new roof can sometimes be susceptible to damages too. In this article, we will share with you some of the common causes of new roof damages as well as the methods on how to prevent it.

1.Poor Installation

Of course, there is nothing common cause of a new roof that has already been experiencing different issues, but poor and/or improper installation. This is the very reason why it is crucial for homeowners to decide what company and contractors to hire and trust.

Professional contractors have the correct and necessary tools and equipment that will serve them well in their projects. In addition, they have the skills, education, training, and experience to finish the job perfectly unlike the amateurs one. Choose a contractor that has certification and insurance.

2.Low-quality materials

When you failed in choosing the right company for you, you will also fail in having the high-quality materials you need in order for your roof to last for several years. A low cost-roof may appear very appealing to you; however, you need to understand that you need to invest for a long-term goal. In addition, opting for low-quality materials may also save some dollars but understand that this is just felt in the initial part of having a roof. Along the way, there would be potential issues that would need repair and replacement costs. So, before you opt for cheaper materials, think that you will be investing in the future.

3.Not enough ventilation

Proper ventilation plays a critical role in maintaining your roof in good condition. When you have some attic and ventilation problems like molds, leaks, etc., these could potentially affect the roof internally and externally. This is why it is important to keep an eye on your ventilation at home. In addition, take note that a damaged roof can also affect the ventilation so having a damaged roof can also lead to high energy consumption and bills.

4.Improper flashing

Flashing on the roof protects them from exhaust pipes, chimneys; protrusions, and others. When the flashing is not properly done or has damaged, it can cause serious water leaks. While it is good to use some DIY procedures, we will recommend everyone to call and hire professional roofers to make sure that every part is installed properly and that you avoid improper installation and regular maintenance.

Do You Need Professional Service?

Whenever you feel that you need some repair and fixed for your roof, do not hesitate to call for a professional service. Again, remember that when you do not fix damages, it may get worse to the point it cannot be repaired anymore.