You probably have heard this question before: is it safe to power wash something when it is raining? And more importantly, is it effective when you power wash during rain?

The professionals including the Fort Myers pressure washing say it is good and it is fine. While there are still safety precautions you need to do and make when you use power washers, you need to know that power washing in the rain may even provide advantages.

There are the two main reasons why: Overcast skies allow the power washers to see the areas being cleaned clearly and the rain lets the washing solutions to sit on the surface without drying it unlike what sunny days do. It even reinforces the cleaning force.

The following explains and elaborate on the arguments below:

  • It allows for greater visibility – when you are cleaning under the sun, there are chances that the light would reflect on your sight so you will have a hard time seeing what you are cleaning. When you clean during rainy days, there would be more visibility that allows you to clean properly the areas or objects you are trying to power wash.
  • It keeps the cleaning solution from drying – when the weather is sunny, the heat expedites the drying process of the cleaning solution you use, rendering it almost ineffective, or worse, provides more stain on the surface. You need to consider how to make your detergents or cleaning more effective by making sure the environment is suited for this purpose.

How Does Weather Impact Power Washing Procedure?

As mentioned, rain can have positive effects on power washing procedures. But how about the other kinds of weather? There are times that you need to reschedule your power washing project when the following happens:

  • Heavy rains that may render the power washing and cleaning solution ineffective
  • Extreme weather like tornado, hail, or snow
  • When there is lightning in the last 30 minutes. Since you will be using electricity, it is hazardous to use a power washer when there is lightning.

You also need to take note that not all services and companies share the same philosophy when it comes to power washing in the rain. This needs professional companies and services that are able to provide you excellent service amid different weather. It is important because not all power washers are created the same, and there are even services that are not competitive enough for a decent job to be done. Also, do not forget to call for a company that you trust that offers affordable prices for labor.

It is not recommended that you use the power washer by yourself as it poses hazards and danger. Power washers use pressure that can be strong enough to create damage and accidents. It is advised that you let the professional do it. If by chance, you have experience using the power washer, you may use it provided that you wear proper safety gear and practice safety checks and safety procedures.

Power washing is effective even under rain, all you need to do is to find a competitive and able service that can do it for you.