After COVID-19, people started to care more about being clean and disinfecting all of their things and even possessions like house and car. Now, being disinfected has become the most important thing that needs to be in order to avoid the virus and keep ourselves safe.

Our cars also need to be treated the same. The mobile detailing Orlando shared their expertise to us and mentioned that since the COVID-19, the number of cars that need to be disinfected has dramatically increased. This has some rationale though. Cars are the very thing that we use to get outside and purchase amenities, transact with people, and go to places. It is the gear that protects us from the virus infection. Hence, the need to clean and disinfect it is very necessary.

Where should you clean it?

It is important to know what parts should be cleaned in order to kill the virus as well as other bacteria and pathogens that could be living inside your car. The most effective way is to identify which parts of the vehicle that are most exposed to human touch and human contact. In this way, you will be cleaning and disinfecting what is really important. These high-touch surfaces are needed to be disinfected well. However, it is also important to clean other surfaces especially the interior part of the car as you might not know it, the virus has already spread to these areas.

High touch surfaces include the steering wheel, console, the seats, door, seatbelt, buckles, and many more.

What is the right cloth to use?

Most experts recommend using a microfiber cloth during the cleaning process as the material Is effective when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in the car. Using the wrong cloth could create some damages and scratches to the car. Worse, when you use a paper towel, scratched would be possible

What are the disinfectants that I can use for killing COVID-19?

Soap and water – disinfectants do not need to be expensive, highly toxic, and complicated. Soap and water are the combo you can have for disinfecting your car. All you need to do is to mix mild soap, preferably anti-bacteria, and warm water to create a spray that is strong enough to kill bacteria and viruses but mild enough to not cause any harm to your car.

Water and alcohol – alcohol kills viruses and bacteria, and you can use its power to disinfect your car. The CDC even reported that the coronavirus can be killed by 70% isopropyl alcohol solutions. although cars, in general, are able to withstand alcohol, you still need to read your car’s manual to make sure you will not damage any parts of your vehicle. Alcohol and water mixture is very cheap and effective, although extra precautions need to be done as alcohol is inflammable.

It is important to avoid highly toxic chemicals when disinfecting your car because although it may effectively clean the surfaces, it may also cause harm o your car.

Is it Important to Disinfect?

Yes, it is highly important to prevent the spread of the virus. Always follow the procedures and advice of the WHO and CDC to protect yourself from the coronavirus.