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Can You Power Wash in the Rain?

You probably have heard this question before: is it safe to power wash something when it is raining? And more importantly, is it effective when you power wash during rain?

The professionals including the Fort Myers pressure washing say it is good and it is fine. While there are still safety precautions you need to do and make when you use power washers, you need to know that power washing in the rain may even provide advantages.

There are the two main reasons why: Overcast skies allow the power washers to see the areas being cleaned clearly and the rain lets the washing solutions to sit on the surface without drying it unlike what sunny days do. It even reinforces the cleaning force.

The following explains and elaborate on the arguments below:

  • It allows for greater visibility – when you are cleaning under the sun, there are chances that the light would reflect on your sight so you will have a hard time seeing what you are cleaning. When you clean during rainy days, there would be more visibility that allows you to clean properly the areas or objects you are trying to power wash.
  • It keeps the cleaning solution from drying – when the weather is sunny, the heat expedites the drying process of the cleaning solution you use, rendering it almost ineffective, or worse, provides more stain on the surface. You need to consider how to make your detergents or cleaning more effective by making sure the environment is suited for this purpose.

How Does Weather Impact Power Washing Procedure?

As mentioned, rain can have positive effects on power washing procedures. But how about the other kinds of weather? There are times that you need to reschedule your power washing project when the following happens:

  • Heavy rains that may render the power washing and cleaning solution ineffective
  • Extreme weather like tornado, hail, or snow
  • When there is lightning in the last 30 minutes. Since you will be using electricity, it is hazardous to use a power washer when there is lightning.

You also need to take note that not all services and companies share the same philosophy when it comes to power washing in the rain. This needs professional companies and services that are able to provide you excellent service amid different weather. It is important because not all power washers are created the same, and there are even services that are not competitive enough for a decent job to be done. Also, do not forget to call for a company that you trust that offers affordable prices for labor.

It is not recommended that you use the power washer by yourself as it poses hazards and danger. Power washers use pressure that can be strong enough to create damage and accidents. It is advised that you let the professional do it. If by chance, you have experience using the power washer, you may use it provided that you wear proper safety gear and practice safety checks and safety procedures.

Power washing is effective even under rain, all you need to do is to find a competitive and able service that can do it for you.

Things You Must Know About Retaining Walls

Whenever you have an outdoor project, be it for gardening, style, or for landscaping, you probably need a retaining wall.

What is a retaining wall and how can you make use of it? Basically, a retaining wall is a sturdy structure that retains any materials within its reach such soil from eroding or sliding. It can also be sued in protecting your houses from soil erosion when you live in a such sloping area. There are many functions and purposes of retaining walls.

What are the types of retaining wall?

Retaining walls come in different types, and it is important that you identify first the one that you need before building any retaining wall for any project. For smaller objects, you have two options which are the sheet pile and gravity retaining walls. Sheet pile retaining walls are made from a variety of materials such as wood, vinyl, and steel. On the other hand, gravity retaining walls are commonly made from concrete or stone to resist a mass of materials behind. It is also commonly used on the hillside properties. There are also other materials that can be used in building retaining walls such as anchored walls and bricks. When you have a plan on building one, you need to find a professional and legit retaining wall contractor San Francisco in order for you to maximize the benefits it provides.

What are the uses of a retaining wall?

This structure is built for several functions and purposes. They can be used to protect some shorelines and hillsides from eroding, or for protecting your house. They can even be used to support bridges and roads. Some of these retaining walls are used and built on commercial spaces but they can also be seen frequently in residential areas especially on the hillsides. Aside from this, homeowners use this for beautification and landscaping purposes as this can also provide aesthetics in your lawn, yard, or garden.

What are the costs?

As mentioned, we recommend you to hire professional services rather than doing it on your own. There are many risks involved in doing projects with little knowledge. Generally, the costs depend on the material you will be using as well as the size of the project you will be doing. We do not recommend a DIY project as this will cause accidents and entails expenses for damage.

Is it necessary to obtain a building permit?

This is a frequent question that clients ask. The answer entirely depends on what kind of wall you will be building. When you want to construct a wall that is more than 12 inches in height from the ground, zoning might be needed. When you are planning on building walls over four feet in height might need building permits, or while six feet walls might need commercial engineering review.

We have provided you the basics of retaining walls and the things you need to know in order for you to make an informed judgment before deciding. Remember that these walls have different purposes and the cost, as well as the labor needed, vary depending on the materials and size of the project. Always contact a professional contractor.

Selecting the Right Type of Driveway for your Home

When you are doing some remodeling or renovations to your house or property, your driveway is actually one of the most neglected parts of the house or property. However, take note that concrete driveways Sacramento creates the first impression when guests and visitors arrive in your home. It is the very thing that greets them when they enter besides the main gate and the very thing that guides them through the front door. This is why it is important to treat your driveways as important as the other parts of the house and property.

When you are planning on renovating or remodeling your driveway, you also need to take into consideration the materials and other factors to make sure you ate getting most of what you are paying.

The following are the important factors when you are planning on renovating or remodeling your driveways:

1.Cost of the whole project including material and labor

The cost will always be an important element in the decision process. Choosing a driveway that is suited for your house and needs is also dependent on how you are able to provide for the project’s costs. There are many materials you can choose from. You may choose an asphalt driveway, concrete driveway, standard brick, or even the rubberized driveway. All of these can make up a pretty driveway at an affordable price. When you also want the cheapest materials, you can travertine or granite driveways. What is important is how you maintain your space.

2.The distance

You also need to consider if you are going to have long driveways or short ones. People who have long driveways commonly opt for asphalt or concrete in order to avoid spending too much. Concrete and asphalt are relatively cheap and at the same time are proven to be functional and durable. Also, when you want to add some details and decorations, you may do so by adding some features you want n your driveway.


Different materials react to different climates. Study and observe first what kind of climate does your region has? As mentioned, not all driveway materials are created equal. For instance, concrete does not really work well with colder places while asphalt melt under extreme heat, which causes different deformities and cracks on these materials. This is why it is important to note your climate to avoid faster wear and tear of the materials

4, Purpose

You need to consider how would you use your driveway. For example, if you want to have some driveway to also create some space for your children to play on, you may try concrete. However, when you care about aesthetics, you might try some high-end materials that could provide you that. Again, you need to consider all of the four elements and create a balance where you get what you like and prefer on a driveway. Good driveways do not need to be expensive; it just needs to be functional and well-planned.

When you want to renovate your driveways or really create a new one, contact your trusted contractors and listen to their advice. Give them details of how you want your driveway to be and they will provide you options you can have.

Mobile Detailing Tips: Disinfecting Your Car During COVID

After COVID-19, people started to care more about being clean and disinfecting all of their things and even possessions like house and car. Now, being disinfected has become the most important thing that needs to be in order to avoid the virus and keep ourselves safe.

Our cars also need to be treated the same. The mobile detailing Orlando shared their expertise to us and mentioned that since the COVID-19, the number of cars that need to be disinfected has dramatically increased. This has some rationale though. Cars are the very thing that we use to get outside and purchase amenities, transact with people, and go to places. It is the gear that protects us from the virus infection. Hence, the need to clean and disinfect it is very necessary.

Where should you clean it?

It is important to know what parts should be cleaned in order to kill the virus as well as other bacteria and pathogens that could be living inside your car. The most effective way is to identify which parts of the vehicle that are most exposed to human touch and human contact. In this way, you will be cleaning and disinfecting what is really important. These high-touch surfaces are needed to be disinfected well. However, it is also important to clean other surfaces especially the interior part of the car as you might not know it, the virus has already spread to these areas.

High touch surfaces include the steering wheel, console, the seats, door, seatbelt, buckles, and many more.

What is the right cloth to use?

Most experts recommend using a microfiber cloth during the cleaning process as the material Is effective when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in the car. Using the wrong cloth could create some damages and scratches to the car. Worse, when you use a paper towel, scratched would be possible

What are the disinfectants that I can use for killing COVID-19?

Soap and water – disinfectants do not need to be expensive, highly toxic, and complicated. Soap and water are the combo you can have for disinfecting your car. All you need to do is to mix mild soap, preferably anti-bacteria, and warm water to create a spray that is strong enough to kill bacteria and viruses but mild enough to not cause any harm to your car.

Water and alcohol – alcohol kills viruses and bacteria, and you can use its power to disinfect your car. The CDC even reported that the coronavirus can be killed by 70% isopropyl alcohol solutions. although cars, in general, are able to withstand alcohol, you still need to read your car’s manual to make sure you will not damage any parts of your vehicle. Alcohol and water mixture is very cheap and effective, although extra precautions need to be done as alcohol is inflammable.

It is important to avoid highly toxic chemicals when disinfecting your car because although it may effectively clean the surfaces, it may also cause harm o your car.

Is it Important to Disinfect?

Yes, it is highly important to prevent the spread of the virus. Always follow the procedures and advice of the WHO and CDC to protect yourself from the coronavirus.

4 Reasons a New Roof Could Fail

It is natural for a roof to have damages and issues, as not all things are created to last. In fact, this is why there are many professional companies that provide professional services like roofing Chula Vista because they understand that damages, repair, and even replacement can sometimes be necessary for homeowners.

While it is understandable to see damages on roofs that have been standing for several years now, this is not something common for roofs that are newly installed. But yes, this does happen. A new roof can sometimes be susceptible to damages too. In this article, we will share with you some of the common causes of new roof damages as well as the methods on how to prevent it.

1.Poor Installation

Of course, there is nothing common cause of a new roof that has already been experiencing different issues, but poor and/or improper installation. This is the very reason why it is crucial for homeowners to decide what company and contractors to hire and trust.

Professional contractors have the correct and necessary tools and equipment that will serve them well in their projects. In addition, they have the skills, education, training, and experience to finish the job perfectly unlike the amateurs one. Choose a contractor that has certification and insurance.

2.Low-quality materials

When you failed in choosing the right company for you, you will also fail in having the high-quality materials you need in order for your roof to last for several years. A low cost-roof may appear very appealing to you; however, you need to understand that you need to invest for a long-term goal. In addition, opting for low-quality materials may also save some dollars but understand that this is just felt in the initial part of having a roof. Along the way, there would be potential issues that would need repair and replacement costs. So, before you opt for cheaper materials, think that you will be investing in the future.

3.Not enough ventilation

Proper ventilation plays a critical role in maintaining your roof in good condition. When you have some attic and ventilation problems like molds, leaks, etc., these could potentially affect the roof internally and externally. This is why it is important to keep an eye on your ventilation at home. In addition, take note that a damaged roof can also affect the ventilation so having a damaged roof can also lead to high energy consumption and bills.

4.Improper flashing

Flashing on the roof protects them from exhaust pipes, chimneys; protrusions, and others. When the flashing is not properly done or has damaged, it can cause serious water leaks. While it is good to use some DIY procedures, we will recommend everyone to call and hire professional roofers to make sure that every part is installed properly and that you avoid improper installation and regular maintenance.

Do You Need Professional Service?

Whenever you feel that you need some repair and fixed for your roof, do not hesitate to call for a professional service. Again, remember that when you do not fix damages, it may get worse to the point it cannot be repaired anymore.